Account Information Panel

Information Panel displays current information regarding the usage of your funds for a defined account (or accounts).

Accounts – Displays the account which is currently logged in on the platform.

If you have multiple accounts you can open the drop-down list next to accounts and choose the account you want to view.

Balance – Displays the balance in your trading account;

Equity – Displays the balance taking into account profit and loss on all open positions. Calculation: Equity = Balance + Summary P/L;

Used Margin – The amount of money in your account that is currently used to keep positions open. Calculation: Used Margin = ∑(open positions) Margin;

Usable Margin – The amount that is currently available to open new positions; note that if you are gaining or losing on an open positions, the amount of usable margin will differ accordingly;
Calculation: Usable Margin = Equity – Used Margin = Balance + Summary P/L – Used Margin;

Summary P/L – The P/L of all open positions;
Calculation: Summary P/L = ∑(open positions) P/L;