Account Information Window

In the Account Information window you can view all the information available for your accounts.

Table Columns:

Account – Account number.

Account Type - Type of the Account (Demo/Real).

Username - For trading accounts: Client login (Account’s owner); For managed accounts: Money manager login (Manager of this account).

Currency – Base currency of the account.

Balance – Available balance.

Equity – Balance taking into account P/L of open positions.
Calculation: Equity = Balance + Summary P/L;

Used Margin - The amount of money in your account that is currently used to keep positions open.
Calculation: Used Margin = ∑(open positions) Margin;

Usable Margin - The amount that is currently available to open new positions; note that if you are gaining or losing on open positions, the amount of usable margin will differ accordingly.
Calculation: Usable Margin = Equity – Used Margin = Balance + Summary P/L – Used Margin;

P/L - Current gross P/L on the account in the base currency.
Calculation: P/L = ∑(open positions) P/L;

Margin call – Margin accounts have a minimum maintenance requirement for keeping positions open. Should your usable margin fall to zero, you will receive a margin call and all your positions will be closed to protect you from further losses.

Default Quantity – The default quantity is set as your trading size

The “Default Quantity” window is where you can manually change default quantity on all your trading accounts.

You can choose ‘In lots’ and enter the default lot number.
Or you can choose ‘In % of Usable Margin’ and enter the default percentage. Then the Amount by default will be calculated by the next formula:
Calculation: Amount = (Usable Margin * Percentage/100 – Transaction Fee) / (Used Margin for 1 Lot + Commission for 1 Lot + Spread) Where Used Margin for 1 Lot, Commission for 1 Lot and Spread are features of the instrument, chosen for order creation.