Close a Position

To close an open position, you can either click on the “Current Rate” field of the desired open position in the Open Positions window, or right-click on a position in the same window and choose “Close Position” from the pull-down menu. The dialog box will appear as follows:

Enter the desired number of lots you wish to close into the “Amount” field. You can enter a smaller number of lots if you want to close the position only partially. Also you can enter trader range value.

Note:By default, the amount to be closed will be set to the max.

Press “Ok” to confirm the order. The position will then be closed. Then Account information will be updated and the closed position will appear in the Closed Positions window.

Note:If the market price changes while you are placing an order within the Trader Range, then the order will automatically go through at the new price, otherwise you will receive reject.