Create an OCO Order

OCO (One Cancels Other) orders are two conditional orders created with an OCO menu item. When one order is executed, another order is automatically removed by the system. Only Entry orders can be set as OCO Orders.

OCO orders can be placed from the ‘Create Entry Order’ window:

When you choose point ‘Set as OCO to new Entry Order’, a block of the OCO order’s settings will appear in the window:

You can set the orders’ prices, amount of lots and trading direction for both orders.

You can set predefined Stops and Limits on each of these orders. Check the ‘Set Stop and Limit’ box to do so:

Note: See the section ‘Stop/Limit orders'.

You can also connect two entry orders as OCO by choosing for one of entry orders “Modify” in pop-up menu and set another entry order in the “OCO” cell.

Note: Two entry orders can be OCO each to other only if they are located at the different sides of the corresponding value of market rate.