Create an Entry Order

An Entry Order is an order that will be triggered when the market reaches a pre-specified price.

There are the following opportunities to create an order:

  • Press “Entry Sell” or “Entry Buy” buttons on the Trading Panel;
  • Right-click on the instrument in Market Rate or Instrument Information Window and choose “Entry Sell” or “Entry Buy” from the pull-down menu;
  • Right-click on Chart and choose “Entry Sell” or “Entry Buy” from the pull-down menu;

After doing one of these actions the following window will appear:

You can set the order price, number of lots and trading direction for the Entry Orders.

Note: You can set order price by entering the value of price in Order price cell or by entering the distance in pips from the current price in Distance cell. Distance is calculated from the work pip (4 for Forex).

Also you can set predefined Stops and Limits on each of these orders. Click on the checkbox to ‘Set Stops and Limits’ to set them:

Note: See the ‘Set Stop/Limit and Trailing Stop Orders'.