Hedge Positions

(if hedging is allowed on your system)

"Hedging" refers to opening a new position in the opposite direction of an existing instrument position.

UniTrader offers you the following three types of hedging:

  • Hedge Position – allows you to hedge the earliest position on the instrument of the chosen position;
  • Hedge Instrument – allows you to hedge all open non-hedged positions on this instrument;
  • Hedge all Positions – allows you to hedge all open positions.

Right-click on the desired position in the Open Positions window and choose one of these actions from the pop-up menu.

Then the following window will appear:

Enter the desired number of lots into the “Amount” field and press “Ok” button. You can also use Trader Range in hedging.

Note:You cannot enter amount, more than amount of position, while hedging a position. You cannot enter amount, more than total amount of open positions on this instrument, while hedging an instrument.

Note:If the market price changes while you are placing an order within the Trader Range, then the order will automatically go through at the new price, otherwise you will receive reject.

Note:If you choose “Hedge all Position” the Hedge Position window will not appear. Instead of it you will see the following message.

Just press “Ok” button to hedge all positions.

Note:If hedging is not allowed on your system, hedge will close your open positions.