Instrument Information Window

Instrument Information displays all information regarding instruments available for trading.

Table Columns:

Instrument - Symbol of the financial instrument.

Low/ High – The highest and lowest rates for the instrument’s current trading day (High Bid/Low Ask).

Time – Time of the last update.

Pip Value – The smallest movement that the instrument can change by in base currency.

Swap Sell – The value of the swap for all short positions.

Swap Buy – The value of the swap for all long positions.

Commissions – Commissions charged from the opened position per lot.

Transaction Fee – Fee, charged from the opened position (does not depend on amount).

Leverage – The level of the margin decreasing, using in the opened position.

Market Operations:

Sell/Buy – To open a new position on instruments, you may right click on the instrument and select buy/sell. Read more inOpen a Position.

Entry Sell/Entry Buy – To set an entry sell/buy order, you can right-click on any instrument in this window and select entry buy/sell. Read more in Create an Entry Order.

View chart – view a chart for the selected instrument easily, simply right click on any instrument’s View Chart option. Read more in Open a Chart.