Default Amount Setting

  • Multi Account Management MAM
  • Money Management MM
  • Managed Accounts MA
  • Managed Group MG

UniTrader offers a simple to understand and use MM system. You can manage your customers either in a simple way by combining all customers together but still see them separately or you can create a group that will combine all accounts or some accounts into a single group.

Default Amount Setting

You can set the Default Amount value from the Account Information window.

For accounts you can set this value in either Lots or Percentage of the Usable Margin.

You can chose ‘In lots’ and enter the Default Lot Number. Then the same lot number will appear by default in Amount cell of Create Order form.

Or you can choose ‘In % of Usable Margin’ and enter the default percentage. Then the Amount by default will be calculated by the next formula:
Calculation: Amount = (Usable Margin * Percentage/100 – Transaction Fee) / (Used Margin for 1 Lot + Commission for 1 Lot + Spread)
Where Used Margin for 1 Lot , Commission for 1 Lot and Spread are features of the instrument, chosen for order creation.

If you create a Group you can only set Default Amount in % of the Usable Margin for that Group.