Ways for Money Manager to Trade

  • Multi Account Management MAM
  • Money Management MM
  • Managed Accounts MA
  • Managed Group MG

UniTrader offers a simple to understand and use MM system. You can manage your customers either in a simple way by combining all customers together but still see them separately or you can create a group that will combine all accounts or some accounts into a single group.

Ways for Money Manager to Trade

The Money Manager has the following options of Managing Accounts on UniTrader platform:

Trading on one selected account.

Trading on a few selected accounts.

Trading on a group of accounts.

To select one of these trading modes, select one account, several accounts or one group accordingly in the Account Information window.

In the Account Information Panel you will see the information for each selected group or accounts.

One Account Trading

If you choose only one account, you can trade it the same way as a single trader. See Trading Guide section for details.

Several Accounts Trading

If you choose several accounts, in the Create Order form you will see the amount which is the sum of Default Amounts for every chosen account.

Click Amount link to see, how this amount is distributed accordingly to each accounts. You can easily change the amount for every account. Then press ‘Ok’ to create order.

The price you see in the Create Order Window is the Market Price.

Once the Order is executed, a position will be opened for each account.

Group trading

If you choose a group of the accounts, Create Order procedure will create one group order.

The amount you see in the Create Order Window will be calculated using this formula:
Calculation: Amount = (Usable Margin * Percentage/100 – Transaction Fee) / (Used Margin for 1 Lot + Commission for 1 Lot + Spread)
Where Usable Margin is the Usable Margin of the group. It equals the sum of Usable Margin of every account in group.

This amount is distributed to each account within the group according to their Usable Margin. You can see this distribution in a window opened by pressing Amount.

Press ‘Ok’ and the group position will be opened and shown in the Open Positions window.

Double-click on the group position or click on ‘+’ to see its composition per account in Open Positions window.

You can also choose ‘Expand All’ to see the composition of all groups at the same time. Or choose ‘Collapse All’ to hide it.

Once you se the setting for a particular group, you can trade that group as if you were trading on a single account.