Trading Panel

The Trading Panel is designed to facilitate the opening of new orders, creating of pending orders, selecting the instruments you want to be displayed and running reports.

You will also be able to read financial news clicking on the link, to report any problems you see on the platform, to give any suggestions that you feel will make UniTrader better for our customers or to ask a question to tech support specialist.

To open a market order, simply click on Sell / Buy buttons on the Trading Panel to sell or buy. Then the dialog box “Create Order” will be opened.

Open a New Position (Create Market Order)

To set pending order (Create Entry Order), simply click on Entry Sell / Entry Buy on the Trading Panel. Then the dialog box “Create Entry Order” will be opened.

Create an Entry Order

To subscribe/unsubscribe instruments to the Market Rates Window click on the “Instrument selection” button.

Instrument selection

Click this button to generate and receive reports on all trading operations (open / closed positions) for a certain selected period.


News link panel.

Click any button to open the Internet page with the latest financial news.

Report a problem

Click this button to send a message to technical support if you experience any problems when use the platform. Remember, we are available 24/7 to support you with any issues that you may have.

Give suggestion

Click this button to leave any suggestions that you feel will enhance your trading experience with UniTrader. We always appreciate your suggestions.

Tech Support

Click this button to ask any question to our technical support specialist. This link gives you an opportunity of online communication with tech support specialist.