Pending Orders Window

In the Pending Orders window you can view all information regarding all the Market and Entry orders that you have set. Here you will be able to change the order price and amount (for Entry Orders not yet executed). You can also modify and set Stop/Limits on all existing orders, as well as remove non-executed Market/Entry orders.

Table Columns:

Account – Account number.

Account Type - Type of the Account (Demo/Real).

Username - For trading accounts: login of the customer (account owner), For managed accounts: login of the Money Manager (who manages this account).

Ticket – An individual number assigned to each trade, the ticket number is unique and will be required when you need support for a specific trade.

Order Type – Type of order (Market, Close, Entry Stop, and Entry Limit).

Instrument – Symbol of financial instrument.

Amount – Number of lots for the order.

Sell/Buy – Direction of trade.

Price – The price that the order is to be executed at.

Current Rate – Current price of the instrument.

Margin – The amount of money that is currently used to keep position open.
Calculation: Margin = Amount * Lots * Open Price * Cross Pair / Leverage;

Stop/Limit – Stop and Limit prices set by the trader.

Trailing Stop – The distance (in pips) on which the trailing stop is set.

Proximity – The distance (in pips) from current rate to order price to open a position (for Entry Orders).
Calculation: Proximity = |Price – Current Rate| *(10^k);
Where k is the number of the pip.

OCO – If this order has an OCO order, this field displays the ticket of the other order in the OCO pair.

Open time – Time when the order was created.

Expiration time – Time when the order will expire.

Market Operations:

Set Stop/Limit and Trailing Stop Orders

To set stop/limit orders for an order, you can click on the button, left-click on the table cell in Stop, Limit or Trailing Stop columns of wanted order, or select “Set Stop and Limit Orders” from the popup menu in the Pending Orders window.

Modify Order

To modify an order, you can click on the button to Modify or select “Modify Order” from the popup menu in the Pending Orders window.

Create new Order as OCO

To create a new OCO order for an existing order, you can choose “Create new Order as OCO” from the popup menu in the Pending Orders window.

Cancel Order

To close an order you can click on the button or choose “Cancel Order” from the popup menu in the Pending Orders window.

Note:Market Operations are not used for Market orders of Executed orders.