See your Profit/Loss

There are a few values in order to assess the state of your account in UniTrader.

P/L pips – The difference in pips between the Open price and Current price for each position.
Calculation: P/L Pips =

  • Sell: = (Open Price – Current Rate) * 10^k * Amount;
  • Buy: = (Current Rate - Open Price) * 10^k * Amount;
Where k is the number of the pip.

P/L – Profit or loss in the base currency for the transaction.
Calculation: P/L =

  • AAA/USD: P/L Pips / 10^k;
  • USD/AAA: P/L Pips / (10^k * (Ask(USD/AAA) + Bid(USD/AAA)) / 2);
  • AAA/BBB -> USD/BBB: P/L Pips / (10^k * (Ask(USD/BBB) + Bid(USD/BBB)) / 2);
  • AAA/BBB -> BBB/USD: P/L Pips / (10^k) * (Ask(BBB/USD) + Bid(BBB/USD)) / 2;
Where k is the number of the pip.

Net P/L – Profit or loss in the base currency for the transaction taking into account commissions, transaction fees and swaps. Calculation: Net P/L = P/L + Commission + Transaction Fee + Swap;

Equity – Figure at the closing position. Calculation: Equity = Balance + Summary P/L;

Used Margin – The amount of money in your account that is currently used to keep positions open.
Calculation: Used Margin = ∑(open positions) Margin;
Margin = Amount * Lots * Open Price * Cross Pair / Leverage;

Usable Margin – The amount that is currently available to open new positions; note that if you are gaining or losing on open positions, the amount of usable margin will differ accordingly. Calculation: Usable Margin = Equity – Used Margin = Balance + Summary P/L – Used Margin;

You can see summarized P/L in the following places of the workspace:

On the Trading Panel:

In the Account Information Window:

Also in the Open Positions window you are able to view each open position’s P/L individually.

In the Close Positions window you can see P/L for closed positions individually.

Also in the Close Position Dialog you can see P/L Pips, P/L and Net P/L for current position.