Quick Start Guide


To be authorized enter your username, password, choose the server to connect and your language in the UniTrader login window. Then press "Login" button.

Choose BMFN Live server, if you want to run the real trading, or BMFN Demo server to run demo version of the platform.

Note:If "Save password" option is chosen, the latest used account will be automatically authorized at the next start of the terminal.

View dealing rates

You can see current dealing rates in the Market Rates Window.

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Open a Position

To open a position press button on the Trading Panel or sell/buy in current rate window of the instrument in the Market Rates Window for sale/purchase.

After that the Create Order Window will open:

Choose the instrument and the order amount in this window, and click OK to submit the market order. The position will be opened and will appear in the Open Position Window.

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Close a Position

To close a position, you can either left-click on the “Close” field of the desired open position in the Open Positions Window, or right-click on a position in the same window and choose Close Position from the pull-down menu. The dialog box will appear:

Enter the desired number of lots you wish to close into the “Amount” field. Press “Ok” to confirm the order. The position will be closed. Account information will be updated. The closed position will appear in the Closed Positions Window.

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