Risk Exposure Window

The Risk Exposure window displays all net currency positions for each individual currency. This window is different from the Summary window in that it displays the net position for currency pairs(instruments) and shows all aggregate long and short positions, as well as their value in the base currency.

In this window you can see risks for each instrument from all open positions.

Table Columns:

Currency name - Instrument symbol of the currency.

Net Currency – Net currency position calculated from all paired currencies.

Base Currency Cost – The value of currency exposure in terms of the base currency.

Total – Summary of long and short positions in the base currency.

Agg. Longs – Summary of all long positions (buy) in the base currency.

Agg. Shorts – Summary of all short positions (sell) in the base currency.

Note:Check “Show engaged instruments only” to see only those instruments which you have opened positions on.