Instrument selection

(subscribe to / unsubscribe from trading instruments)

UniTrader allows you to select the instruments you want to trade and unselect other instruments. When you unselect an instrument, it will not appear in any window and you will not receive its price feed. This will allow you to maintain the customization of your trading system to further facilitate your trading needs.

To configure your set of instruments, choose “Instrument selection” from pull-down menu in Market Rates or Instrument Information window or just click the ‘Instrument Selection’ button in the upper toolbar of UniTrader.

Then the following window will be opened.

In a main part of the window you can see a wrapped tree of the instruments. To unwrap it, click the ‘+’ button. Then the list of instruments will appear.

To choose an instrument to display, you may either check or uncheck the instrument of choice. Then press “Apply” and “Cancel” or just press “Ok”.

Once you have selected an instrument, it will appear in the following window:

  • Market Rates window;
  • Instrument information window;
  • Chart window (in drop-down instrument boxes);
  • Create Order drop down bar (in drop-down instrument box).

You can also unsubscribe an instrument by right-click on it in Market Rates or Instrument Information window and choose “Unsubscribe Instrument”.

Note:If an instrument is currently being used (for example, you have a position on the instrument), you will not be able to unsubscribe from the instrument and the following message will appear.

Note:There is some limit on the number of instrument. If you try to subscribe more instruments, the following message will appear.