Work with the Windows

Close/Open Windows

You can close/open windows from the View menu.

Hide/Show Windows

You can hide/show windows by pressing the tabs button in the window.

You also can hide/show or attach windows to the border with the option - Window Pin.

Drag & Drop

You can Drag & Drop your selected windows according to your personal preference.

Double-click on the title of the window returns it to the starting position.

Set the Default Workspace

If you want to reset the Workspace to default and allow all windows to return to the starting position when UniTrader was first installed, please click on “View” and then “Default Workspace.”

Edit columns of the window

You can change the order of the columns by Drag & Drop them. You also can delete some columns from the table. Just Drag & Drop it over the borders of the window

To return these columns right-click on the titles of the table and choose “Columns”.

Then choose wanted columns and press “Ok”.

The chosen columns will return into the table.